Codename Lazarus - What People Are Saying


“Codename Lazarus is … a lively spy thriller with an excellent political and social history. I have awarded it four and a half stars.”

Whispering Stories Book Blog   Amazon Top 500 Reviewer.                                                                              


“Well written with a good plot. The description of Berlin, the heart of the Third Reich when the Nazis were in their pomp, felt very real… I really enjoyed this book.” Five Stars

A Young -  Amazon Reviewer.


“I thought the plot was well thought out…. And it kept me interested throughout.” Four stars.

Rosie’s Book Review Team Book Blog


“The book becomes a tight spy thriller toward the end, but it’s much more than that. It’s historical fiction at its best, the kind that is thoroughly researched  and yet filled with fully developed characters through whom I felt I could experience at least some of what it must have been like in England and also Germany from 1933 to 1940.” Five stars

Winifred Morris  Author of Bombed, Living in Suspension and eight other books.


“This debut novel is a fluent tale set in a fascinating time.” Four stars.

‘Lost in a good book’  Book Blog


“Brilliant story telling, I could not put it down. Disappointed when it ended, I wanted more.” Five stars.

Pauline Coulthard   Amazon Reviewer.