I'm delighted to say that 'Death of an Asylum Seeker' - the second in the Clavel & Snow crime thriller series is now available on Amazon Kindle, KU and paperback. The book deals with important contemporary issues, but within the context of an enjoyable thriller. It was a real pleasure for me to 'get in touch' with Sam and Olivia again. I hope you, my readers, feel the same when you read the book.

I'm now really getting into a project which has been postponed for far too long - my third World War Two spy story. Those of you who read 'Spy Trap' may remember a teaser at the end, when Professor Pym suggested that he had an idea of how John King and Bill Blake could work together. The currently untitled book is the story of that mission. Again, it is adapted from a little known, but true story of real courage and determination from the wartime years. I hope that I can do it justice. The current plan is that the book will be out by the end of 2019, by which time I will be turning my attention to Clavel & Snow Book 3!

I have been touched that so many of you have taken the trouble to send a message to me via this website. It really is very rewarding to have such direct contact and encouragement from my readers. Thank you all very much. I really appreciate the time you all took to write to me. Please keep the messages coming by using the simple 'Send a Comment' button on the next page.

Here's a link to my interview with the Whispering Stories book blog as part of their weekly  'The Writing Life of...' series. I 
 hope you enjoy it!